This film documentary is the work of a dedicated group of journalist’s and researchers with one common goal. To prove the existence of the afterlife and silence the critics for once and for all! Many scientific observers will argue that the notion of an afterlife is either unscientific or unprovable. Yet few can ignore the findings of the Scole Experiment or the pioneering work of Professor Robert Lanza, whose theory of consciousness has led many experts to ponder the impossible.
These studies provide a tantalizing glimpse into a parallel universe that has remained elusive until now. Whatever your beliefs, support for the Afterlife is growing and evidence from medium’s and paranormal investigator’s around the globe have seen a dramatic shift in how we perceive and deliver new information. Advances in technology have removed much of the guesswork from other-worldly communications and we look forward to some exciting new developments ahead. 
As a media support group, Afterlife Uncovered aims to be one of the leading sources of information for those struggling with the question of survival. Afterlife Uncovered’s global network of supporters are growing on a daily basis and we urge anyone interested to get involved and support our research.

Our long term objectives:

  1. To promote and uncover evidence of survival in every major country around the globe.
  2. To support investigator’s and the spiritual community in discovering new ways of uncovering evidence of survival.
  3. To advocate the setting up of an academic teaching institution to promote mediumship and psychical research.
Ed Edward White
Producer & Director of Afterlife Uncovered
James James Van Praagh –
Best Selling Author & Medium

Nahm Dr. Michael Nahm –Biologist & Author of Evolution und Parapsychologie  Todd  Todd Moster Esq. – Former
Deputy District Attorney & Author

paul Paul Jacobs – Spiritualist Medium &
Fmr Principal of Arthur Findlay College

José Gosschalk –Author, Medium & Lecturer at Arthur Findlay College

Loyd Loyd Auerbach –Master Speaker, Writer,
Corporate Trainer, Educator, Media & Speaking Coach

Dr. Piero Calvi-Parisetti
Author & Paranormal Researcher

terry Terry Boyle –Author & TV/Radio Host,
Haunted Ontario + 20 other titles

Erin Fall Haskell –Author,
& Transformational Speaker

maryg Mary Grace – Parapsychologist, Spirit Counselor cheryl Cheryl Andrea –Entrepreneur,  Clairvoyant & Owner of Dallas Psychic Fair

 marka  Mark Anthony – Psychic Lawyer &
Author of Evidence of Eternity
 stevenla  Steven LaChance – Author at Llewellyn Worldwide

George George Kalyvas – Music Composer, Greece phyllis Phyllis Walsh – Author of The Illusion of Mortality


Bobby Marchesso – Television/Radio Host

frederick Professor Frederick Toates –
Open University

Lisar Rev. Lisa Bousson – Evidential Spiritual Medium Daria Dr. Daria M. Brezinski – Keynote speaker at Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Laurenb Lauren Deknis Bortolami –
Professional Medium & Paranormal Investigator
marilynn Marilynn Hughes – Publisher & Author

“What you do, what you say, who you are, may affect people in ways you’ll never know; your influence, like your shadow, extends to where you may never be.”
~ Author Unknown

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