Spirit Groups

Afterlife Uncovered is currently inviting applicants to apply for a limited number of spirit group vacancies. If you are passionate about paranormal research,
we want to hear from you. By working with Afterlife Uncovered you will have a chance to uncover evidence that is vital to our research.

The first thing you need do is fill in an application form for membership. Click here or send an email to [email protected] In some cases there may already be a spirit group operating in your area who are looking for new members. If that’s the case we will put you in touch and it’s up to the group leader to assign you membership. This process could take several days depending on how often the group meets so please be patient.
Currently all spirit groups are by invitation only and strictly limited in number, however, if you would like to be considered please send an email to [email protected]c/o the producer or use the contact us page.
Our members make change possible. They’re the people we rely on to produce the evidence. The work is vital. Afterlife Uncovered has one simple goal; to provide irrefutable evidence of the existence of an afterlife. This will be done through a series of controlled experiments and by gathering data coming from a number of reliable sources.
Afterlife Uncovered gets no support funding from any Government agency or TV Network. Our membership not only supports the enormous costs involved with conducting this type of research, but from our experience those who choose to become members are much more likely to commit and stay involved. It also helps other members to know that everyone has made some small investment and this has proven to be the most effective way of bringing together like-minded participants and encouraging people to get involved.
We have been assured there are no personal risks to any of the group members or camera crew; meaning there will be no ectoplasm or any trance medium work that is not approved or sanctioned by the group leader. Any evidence produced will be external to the group but this will all be detailed in the instructional manual.
Descriptive and evidence based research is a valid method for researching the paranormal and this will be done through a series of guided experiments. Whilst there are some legitimate concerns about how the evidence is obtained, as long as the limitations are understood by the group members, this type of evidence gathering is invaluable.
The who’s who of the psychic / medium world have all agreed to take part with almost very few exceptions and those numbers are increasing daily.
Afterlife Uncovered is made up of a distinguished panel of experts which includes; University Professor’s, Journalist’s, Lawyer’s, Parapsychologist’s, Medium’s and a number of best selling Authors’.
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Afterlife Uncovered offers various levels of membership for anyone interested in supporting the project or getting directly involved in a spirit group. Membership offers many benefits including access to all instructional material, newsletters, updates and videos: Members will also receive discounts at annual AU conventions and are granted online access to an electronic archive of selected convention papers and study materials. Click here to learn more
New groups and members are being added daily. At the current rate we expect have groups operating in every major state in the US and other overseas locations around the globe.
Not everyone is available to join a spirit group and we understand that some of you are extremely busy. However, there are so many other ways you can contribute to this vital research. Organizing a fund-raiser or posting links on social media all helps. If you give regular Radio or TV interviews you can also encourage people to join and highlight the important work we are are doing.
As an independent group, how much time you devote to this research is entirely up to you and the rest of your members. Ideally 1 – 2 hours every second week is a useful starting point. All we need is an undertaking that you are prepared to take part and will make a reasonable effort. Physical phenomena can sometimes take months to appear and this is important to bear in mind.
Yes, funding will come from private investors including a crowd-funding campaign to be launched very shortly. Volunteer groups will need to finance themselves initially as most of our budget will be allocated on a case-by-case basis.
No. All of our spirit groups will be working locally to begin with, however, some medium’s will be invited to join us on set at specific locations and all travel and other expenses will be covered.
With practice and proper safety and control procedures in place, the possibility of producing physical phenomena is very strong and not as remote as some people might think. But if you’re already communicating with spirit you will be guided as to what to do at every step. This might seem like a big leap of faith, but almost everyone has the ability to communicate directly with spirit it’s just a matter of learning how. Selected spirit groups will be given an instructional manual so get in touch with us if you haven’t already received one. [email protected]
From the outset, all spirit groups will be in regular contact with the producers but once your group starts to produce solid evidence a film crew will arrange to visit your location and start recording. All group members will need to sign a waiver giving us permission to broadcast and appearance fees will be paid to each of the participants.
There are literally 100’s of applications coming into us daily but from our experience, most of our members prefer to choose people from within their own social network. If these numbers are limited we have a database of individual members who we can put you in touch with but you’ll find the majority of people you ask are very eager to get involved.
This is a question we seldom get asked but is probably one of the most important. Number one, the opportunity to get involved in research that has the potential to change people’s lives forever cannot be emphasized enough. Never before in the history of paranormal research has there been anything so important or as vital as this project. Secondly, for those of you who do this work professionally, the PR value alone is inestimable with over 30 million viewers already predicted. Viewing audiences for this type of programming in the past have regularly exceeded eight figures but Afterlife Uncovered looks set to be one of most talked about releases for 2016.
The Afterlife Uncovered Study Group will attempt to replicate a series of experiments that first took place in 1993, in Scole, Norfolk UK. In the course of their research, handwriting, symbols and messages appeared on factory-sealed, unopened photographic film; Objects, lights and solid beings materialized out of nowhere and were witnessed by a number of highly respected observers. Information was also given about how to communicate with spirit using a series of instruments and other devices. While a lot of the evidence might seem incomprehensible to the ordinary viewer, no evidence of fraud was ever uncovered.  Several test groups have already signed up to begin testing and if you’re interested in joining a study group, please get in touch.