Retired lawyer, Victor Zammit and his partner Wendy Zammit have gathered a huge volume of evidence in support of the afterlife. After visiting and researching a number of mediums internationally, they began to study and work extensively with physical medium David Thompson, based in Sydney, Australia. While in a trance state during seances, Thompson uses materialization to exude ectoplasm, which spirits use as a conduit to communicate with those in attendance.

One of the spirits that Thompson regularly communicates with is an Englishman named William who died in 1897. He’s described what it’s like in the afterlife, such as time passing more quickly than it does on the Earth plane. An amazing thing about William, said Wendy, is that “even in the dark, he can go straight to people…call them by name, and put his hand on their head.” Another medium the Zammits were highly impressed with is the late Leslie Flint, who made numerous audio recordings of his spirit communications.