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Voices of the Afterlife

Retired lawyer, Victor Zammit and his partner Wendy Zammit have gathered a huge volume of evidence in support of the afterlife. After visiting and researching a number of mediums internationally, they began to study and work extensively with physical medium David Thompson, based in Sydney, Australia. While in a trance state during seances, Thompson uses materialization to exude […]

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Research Report: Sarasota Physical Mediumship Séances

By Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, BSc., CrimDip, MSc.

Director, Metaphysics Research

Research Objectives


This research report provides an account of 3 new experiments that took place during the 5 séances conducted by David Thompson and his spirit team. This report will share the methods and conclusions in regards to the specific physical phenomena assessed.


The overall goal of attending and observing […]

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Leslie Flint

Who is Leslie Flint?

In his heyday, which was before the war and some 25 years after it, Leslie Flint was one of Britain’s best-known Spiritualists. He possessed the rare distinction of being a direct voice medium. Flint used no trumpets or paraphernalia. Though sitting in total darkness, he did his work wide awake, not in […]

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